12. May 2016

Playback of audio files on the FX100 Generator

Playback of audio files on the FX100 Generator
The current firmware of the NTi Audio FX100 Audio Analyzer allows you to playback audio files through the analog or digital generator output ports. These signals can be integrated into regular measurements and measurement sequences. This creates a number of application possibilities.

Audio test applications often require specific signals, such as band-limited noise, tone-burst, rectified sine waves or even a defined musical or voice signal. From firmware V2.9.0 of the FX100, the user may load any signal as an audio file and then replay it using a generator module of the FX100. All the Meter mode functions of the FX100 are available, and measurements can be combined and sequenced using the FX-Control PC software.

The audio files, in 48 kHz WAV format with up to 24 bit resolution, can be transferred to the FX100 via the front or rear USB ports. These stored audio files are then available for selection in the FX-Control software. The playback time is determined either by the duration of the measurement, or can be arbitrarily long; when the end of the audio file is reached, it starts again from the beginning.

FX100 Front Panel USB Memory

Gregor Schmidle, Product Manager of the NTi Audio FLEXUS product line explains, "The ability to play custom audio files on the FX100 generator is the desire of many users. This increases the depth of testing especially in the field of testing consumer audio devices. This addition of the use of audio files as a test signal has expanded the field of application for the FX100."

FX100 users can download the latest version V2.9.0 of the FX-Control software on the NTi Audio Service & Support page. Using this FX-Control software, the firmware of the FX100 can be updated.

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