28. April 2015

Popular TV Programme trusts XL2 for Noise Monitoring of Wind Farms

Popular TV Programme trusts XL2 for Noise Monitoring of Wind Farms

Eco Eye, Irelands longest running and most successful environmental documentary series recently turned their attention to Wind Energy using the XL2 sound level meter and weather protected microphone to monitor noise from one of Irelands largest wind farms.

In the episode broadcast on the 10th February titled ‘Greening our Electricity’ the renowned Irish journalist Duncan Stuart looked into the key role of wind energy in Ireland examining the issue of noise from wind turbines, asking just how much of a disturbance they cause to residents living nearby.

Evaluating a potential link between Wind Farmes and Health Issues
Duncan further explored the reasons for opposition to wind energy in Ireland, and highlighted that other countries such as Germany and Denmark have gained almost complete acceptance of the energy source by using a community model that sees locals benefit from the turbines.

Road Traffic Noise is much higher than from the closest Wind Turbine


Diarmuid Keaney, Sound and Acoustics Engineer at ICAN Acoustics, Ireland, summarized: “I think there is an awful lot of misinformation about wind turbine and the likely noise impact that they generate."

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The Eco Eye documentary series investigates Ireland's major environmental issues, why they are centrally important to public health and the economy, and what the obstacles are to shaping better policy for now and the future.



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