16. September 2015

Reliable Noise and Vibration Measurements in one Device

Reliable Noise and Vibration Measurements in one Device

Machinery design engineers have to consider both structure-born and air-borne energy emission. The XL2 Analyzer is a single handheld tool that reliably measures both vibration and acoustic noise, providing you all the necessary information you need to optimize the design of your machines with uncompromised Swiss Quality.



The XL2 Analyzer is widely respected as the go-to device for reliable noise and vibration measurements. It starts up instantly and provides deep analysis; 1/12th octave RTA and zoom FFT with 0.4 Hz resolution, displayed on the handheld screen and saved to the internal SD card. 



Switch easily between acoustic and vibration measurements. Smart sensor sensitivity detection technology ensures calibrated measurements without any manual parameter change using either NTi Audio measurement microphones or the 48V-ICP adaptor for vibration sensors. The acquired vibration data has to be imported into an MS Excel form to express them in vibration units.

With a residual noise floor far below what class 1 microphone deliver, the XL2 measures with exceptional detail in the range from 5 Hz to 20 kHz. Audio recording is included for verification of results.

Maintenance engineer’s jobs are made easier too; with the pre-specified limits for noise and vibration spectrum loaded into the XL2, determining if machines are out-of-spec can be achieved with minimum production downtime.

The XL2 can also be integrated into unattended monitoring networks, with communication via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Mobile Data Networks for preventative diagnostics and maintenance prediction.

Make a wise investment. The XL2 is an essential part of the design engineer’s toolbox.

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