18. June 2015

XL2 Analyzers at Ningxia University

XL2 Analyzers at Ningxia University

Students from the Architecture and Physics college of Ningxia University attended the audio and acoustic measurement devices seminar presented by NTi Audio. The seminar provided practical hands-on training for professional sound measurements.

Ention Xian, product manager of NTi Audio, introduced the measurement functions of the instruments in detail, including the XL2 Analyzer, MR-PRO Signal Generator and TalkBox Acoustic Generator. He focused specifically on applications for laboratories, demonstrating the measurements defined by standards and providing tips and practical cases.

The Architecture and Physics Laboratory at Ningxia University focuses on the science of building acoustics. The main interest is room acoustic quality and control of construction noise. To this end, Ention Xian covered sound insulation and speech intelligibility STIPA measurements.

Airborne and Structure Sound Insulation Measurement
All the parameters in a sound insulation application, such as reverberation time RT60 and frequency response RTA, can be easily measured by the handheld XL2 Analyzer. NTi Audio’s professional post processing tools quickly provide full reports on the results.


Fig 1. Workflow of Sound Insulation Measurement


Speech Intelligibility STIPA Measurement
Students were firstly taught how to measure speech intelligibility using the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. Then ways to improve this intelligibility were discussed. All factors that influence intelligibility covered, like the announcement level, RT60, signal to noise ratio, distortion and Lombard effect. A practical demonstration rounded off the presentation.



Fig 2. Workflow of STIPA Measurement with a TalkBox

Doctor Wang Runshan, head of the laboratory, commented: “This Audio and Acoustic Measurement Kit has an eloquent design and is very easy to use. With a clear display, the XL2 Analyzer is a state-of-the-art instrument with a reasonable price in this field”. He continued: “The most important thing is that the XL2 is precise and reliable. We are very pleased with the professional and comprehensive training and technical support provided by NTi Audio team.”



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