28. November 2013

XL2 Analyzers at Southampton Solent University

Solent Acoustics Chamber

Southampton Solent University is well equipped with no less than ten XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzers, each installed with the Extended Acoustic Pack option. Katri Ingram BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering, an Acoustics Technician at Solent Acoustics, discusses how the XL2 is used for education and consultancy work:

"We often use the XL2s for festival noise monitoring, as well as for a variety of classroom activities on our undergraduate programme, and also in some of our postgraduate and professional courses. As the XL2s have a good number of functions, they are good teaching aids, particularly as they are relatively easy to use, and have a clear display.

The XL2s were chosen for these reasons, and also because the price compares favourably to other similar products, which enables us to have more units available to our students. Both the meters and the microphones have a sturdy design, making them good for outdoor use, and the variety of power options for the XL2 make them a good choice for measurements in the field, where we do not always have access to mains power."

- Katri Ingram, Southampton Solent University

Solent Acoustics, a business and community service provided at the Southampton Solent University, specialise in training, education, consultancy and professional development in all areas related to noise and acoustics.
Solent Acoustics
XL2 Analyzer

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