04. September 2012

XL2 Cinema Meter Option now shipping

New XL2 Cinema Meter - Available now

The Cinema Meter forms the dedicated solution for efficient calibration and reproducible verification of cinema loudspeaker systems according SMPTE ST 202:2010 and SMPTE RP 200:2012. The Cinema Meter is now shipping.

The XL2 Analyzer in combination with the Cinema Option forms the dedicated Cinema Meter. An interactive assistant guides the cinema engineer through dedicated measurement scripts for an intuitive management of the audio performance requirements. Cinemas may be calibrated efficiently and verified according to the SMPTE ST 202:2010 standard and RP 200:2012 recommended practice. This makes the XL2 Analyzer an indispensable tool for every cinema engineer.

Order Details:
Cinema Meter Option for XL2
NTi Audio # 600 000 379


Video: Cinema Meter Explained

Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio, explains the workflow of the new Cinema Meter Option.

Watch the video "Cinema Meter Explained"

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