28. January 2014

XL2 for Induction Loop Measurements (AFILS)

The XL2 Audio Analyzer offers the dedicated test solution for commissioning and verification of inductive loop systems. Now the handheld meter provides also frequency response measurements in dBu. This supports verifying AFILS installations in accordance with the standard IEC 60118-4.



Audio-Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS) assist users of hearing aids to understand spoken messages. Such systems are widely installed in churches, theatres and cinemas, for the benefit of  people who are hard of hearing. The XL2 Analyzer together with an induction loop receiver offers the ability to verify induction loop systems in accordance with IEC 60118-4. With firmware V2.60 or higher the XL2 allows third-octave spectrum analysis in the measurement unit dBu, dBV and volt. This new feature simplifies the system verification and follows the standard requirements.

Dedicated Test Signal
The frequency response of induction loop systems shall be verified with a dedicated band-limited pink noise from 100 Hz to 5 kHz. Customers may download this special test signal and install in the Minirator MR-PRO, the reference signal generator for AFILS measurements.

PASS/FAIL Measurements
AFILS installations require a frequency response within the range ±3 dB (with reference to the response at 1 kHz) from 100 Hz to 5 000 Hz. The XL2 Analyzer provides a pass/fail indication in combination with the Spectral Limits Option. A default ±3 dB tolerance band can be set, so that the XL2 automatically displays a pass/fail feedback during the verification of the electromagnetic spectrum throughout the room.








  • Download the latest XL2 firmware for free here.
  • Download the band-limited pink noise signal for the Minirator MR-PRO here.



Press Picture(s) for download here.










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