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25. Apr. 2014

High resolution FFT and Impulse Response results from the FX100 Audio Analyzer

With the latest FX100 firmware and FX-Control software you can record FFT and Impulse Response results with a higher resolution. The data can also be exported in various formats.

Extended FFT Analysis
FFT analysis is available on 2 or 4 parallel channels, in a bandwidth from 5Hz – 80kHz and with a block-length of up to 2 million input samples, which gives a frequency resolution of 0.09 Hz. This high density of information allows a comprehensive insight into the spectral composition of the recorded signal. Besides the graphical display, the FX-Control software includes export of the full result vector data for further analysis. 

Impulse Response 
Impulse Response is used for characterizing acoustic or electrical systems, as well as determining acoustic reflections. The FX100 measures Impulse Response with a sampling rate of up to 192 kHz on four parallel channels. These results can also be exported in full resolution for further analysis or simulation.  

Export large data volumes
High-resolution measurements of FFT and Impulse Response generate large amounts of data. Appropriate interfaces to various software products are therefore available. For example, data can be exported in MATLAB*, Microsoft Excel and WAV-formats.

V2.72 of FX-Control is free of charge and available here for download by registered customers. The FX100 firmware update to version V2.7.2 can be executed in the FX-Control software, also at no charge.

Read more about the FX100 Audio Analyzer here.

*MATLAB is a registered trademark of “The MathWorks Inc.”

Press Picture(s) for download here.

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