10. July 2015

Controlling the XL2 from your PC just got better

Controlling the XL2 from your PC just got better

With the XL2 Remote Measurement Option, you can connect your XL2 via USB to your PC and access a wealth of API commands. Control your XL2 from within your favorite application and pull the sound measurement results in remotely. If you are already using this Remote Measurement Option, you’ll be pleased to hear that it just got even better; now you can query 10 individual levels with a single command, plus you can retrieve FFT and 1/12 Octave data sets through the API.



Whichever programming application you prefer (or are required) to write in, such as C#, Python, LabView or even MS Excel or …, you can control your XL2 and read measurement results every 100ms. The API shows you how to fire ASCII-format commands at the device via the COM interface. We provide demo applications to get you started.

Industrial Quality Control
Acoustic testing of environmental noise or noise-producing products, such as motors, fans and vacuum cleaners, is easy with the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer. The meter simultaneously determines the broadband sound level and the high-resolution acoustic frequency spectrum. The connected computer can record these values and compare them with reference values for a pass/fail decision.

Environmental Noise Monitoring
The XL2 includes a verifiable Sound Level Meter, which can be quickly and easily integrated into automated noise monitoring systems. The ability to detach the measurement microphone from the XL2 and attach with a cable lends itself to a more flexible test setup. The XL2 provides you with a highly-accurate yet cost-effective test solution.

Stand-alone Solution




The XL2 is, of course, a fully functional stand-alone device, designed to perform without being connected to a PC. In this case, the measurement is started on the XL2 or with a foot pedal. The XL2 screen then displays the broadband values and the spectrum of the measurement. Tolerance bands can be pre-defined in the device itself, and the XL2 marks the deviations, logs the results to its SD-card, and signals pass/fail on the built-in multi-colored LED.


Remote access to the XL2 from a PC requires that the “Remote Measurement Option” be installed on your XL2.

High-resolution FFT and 1/12 Octave data requires that the “Spectral Limits Option" be installed on your XL2.

Once you have either of these options installed, to take advantage of these new functions, download the XL2 firmware 3.03 or higher here. This is free of charge for all registered XL2 customers.

Watch the video of a noise level logging in MS Excel while a train passes by

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