24. April 2018

Copy and Paste parts of a Long-term Measurement

Copy and Paste parts of a Long-term Measurement

When analyzing the comprehensive amount of data in a long-term sound level measurement, it is often desirable to take a close look at individual events or time periods. With version 1.80 of the XL2 Data Explorer PC software you can copy and export sections from the data measurement.

Use these data extracts, together with the associated audio, to pre-assess sections of particular importance from the long-term analysis. Share the extract with your client for review of specific events. This allows you to get straight to the point and significantly simplifies the consideration required from you and your client in identifying causes of noise. It is a win for all.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, fast data processing, and versatility, the Data Explorer software has proven itself a leader in the field of analysis of long-term sound level measurements. It allows easy import, presentation and comprehensive analysis of XL2 Sound Level Meter log files. You can highlight specific events, containing extraordinary sound levels or impulses, and perform complex calculations of the rating level or statistical evaluations. Furthermore, external sounds can be taken out of the calculation.

With the latest Data Explorer it is now also possible to copy sections of data and audio recordings and export them.

In addition, the Data Explorer now offers another useful feature: the export and import of markers. This allows a quick comparison between the data of two or more XL2 devices; for example if they were held at different positions during one and the same event. Specifically, this means that after analyzing one of these data reports, you can transfer the inserted markers directly to the other report. This allows synchronized comparison of events.

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