23. April 2021

Efficient Investigation of Domestic Noise Nuisance

Efficient Investigation of Domestic Noise Nuisance

Gathering evidence to support domestic noise nuisance issues is effortless with the NTi Noise Nuisance Recording system. Operation of the system is simple, both in deployment and use.

The Type-Approved XL2 Sound Level Meter provides you with Class 1 compliant level data as well as uncompressed, 24-bit audio recordings to help identify and quantify noise nuisance.

These audio files are triggered with a keypress, on the external keypad, by the complainant. Being in control of exactly when the recordings are taking place, assures the user that key evidence is being recorded while privacy is protected. The audio files are set to record for a brief, fixed time length, so the complainant can simply press the button and walk away.

The data and audio files are available, while the system is installed at the complainants property, via our NoiseScout Noise Monitoring website. This live access allows you to assess the validity, quality and quantity of the data before deciding on the optimal time to arrange collection of the monitor from the property. Plus, the system can be left to run indefinitely, with data being continually stored in the NoiseScout cloud.

At the property the noise monitor is housed in a low profile and lockable lightweight case. An integral battery ensures uninterrupted noise monitoring even if mains power is disconnected.

Data Explorer is the post-processing PC Software tool that offers a fast understanding of the data set in determining the level of noise nuisance and producing a professional report for evidential purposes.