04. September 2012

Measuring Playback Devices

New FX100 Firmware - Measurements of playback devices and measurement of channel latency.

NTi Audio enhances the FX100 Audio Analyzer by introducing fast, externally-triggered glide sweeps for audio testing of playback devices such as smart phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, medical or household appliances.

NTi Audio’s unique externally-triggered glide sweep technology allows you to obtain all relevant quality parameters such as frequency response, distortion, phase and Rub & Buzz within a few hundred milliseconds from a short signal chirp. The glide sweep signal contains unique audio information for automated synchronization to the FX100 Audio Analyzer. The functionality is equally suited for R&D, quality control or end-of-line applications.

Shorter Test Cycle Time and Increasing Test Depth
The FX100 Audio Analyzer together with the externally-triggered glide sweep function enables large-scale manufacturers of MP3 players, tablet PCs, notebooks or similar playback-only equipment to shorten the test cycle time, while significantly increasing the test depth. Thus the test costs per device are reduced and the device quality is improved at the same time by revealing even subtle quality issues.

Reliable Quality Control
Audio testing of playback devices that do not provide the facility to input a test signal creates its own challenge, because the test signal has to be played back by the device under test and the Audio Analyzer has to be carefully synchronized to the incoming signal. Conventional approaches such as externally-triggered stepped sweeps or multi-tone signals have severe drawbacks due to the long test time or compromised test depth. The FX100 Audio Analyzer provides a reliable and fast solution for these applications and is available now.

More details at www.nti-audio.com/FX100

Watch the video "FX100 measurements of playback devices"

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