09. January 2014

Namdong Stadium Commissioned for Asian Games 2014

Namdong Stadium Commissioned for Asian Games 2014

Inchon, South Korea: The Namdong Stadium, which will host the upcoming Asian Games 2014, was commissioned using the handheld XL2 Analyzer. The newly conceptualized stadium will showcase the Asian Games 2014 rugby tournament.

The Korean installation specialist Sovico opted for the handheld XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer to commission the new public address system in the Namdong Rugby Stadium, located in the south-east of Inchon. The goal was to measure the speech intelligibility and the sound pressure level generated by the new installation for the anticipated crowd and athletes. The measurements were performed by Gun Chang Moon M.Sc., Senior Audio & Acoustic Consultant of Sovico and his team, utilizing the combination of the NTi Audio Minirator MR-PRO and the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer. Prior this final testing Mr. Moon verified, with these instruments, the polarity and the balanced signal quality of all speakers. He also optimized the announcement system’s acoustic performance utilizing these handheld instruments.



42 Reference positions throughout the Stadium
Within the seating area (capacity 8100 persons), Mr. Moon assigned 33 representative measurement points. A further 9 measurement points were selected on the field. The Minirator was connected to the audio system in the audio control room and generated the dedicated speech intelligibility test signal. The test signal was broadcasted throughout the stadium at the default announcement level.  The XL2 simultaneously measured both the speech intelligibility and sound pressure level at the assigned locations. The append mode of the XL2 provides automated data recording mapped to the grid of measurement points.

Speech Intelligibility up to 0.84 STI
The sound pressure levels ranged from 77 dB at the outside seats up to 90 dB around the middle area with more than 95% of the seating area providing speech intelligibility higher than 0.55 STI. At the middle seating area Sovico even measured up to 0.84 STI, which is exceptional for a stadium environment. On the field itself, a speech intelligibility of 0.75 STI was achieved on average with an sound level distribution of +/- 3dB. These satisfactory results confirmed the excellent performance of the new public address system in the Namdong Stadium.

Time Saving Documentation
After this project Mr. Moon reported: “Thanks to the handheld XL2 Acoustic Analyzer I was able to verify the speech intelligibility of the entire stadium within less than one hour. Additionally the automated result documentation offered by the XL2, mapped to the pre-determined grid saved a lot of time in producing the final reports to our customer.”

The audience and athletes at that upcoming Asian Games can expect optimized speech intelligibility in the Namdong Stadium.

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