20. November 2015

New Turntable for Measurement of Sound Directional Characteristics

New Turntable for Measurement of Sound Directional Characteristics

To effortlessly determine the directional characteristics of microphones, small loudspeakers and portable devices NTi Audio presents the TT01 turntable. The precise turntable mechanism produces definitive results from a choice of recording methods and configurations. Pre-configured microphone and loudspeaker test software packages drive the turntable via USB, while an intuitive programming interface is available for custom applications.

The NTi Audio TT01 turntable, linked to the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer and driven by the NTi Audio software packages make the measurement of polar diagrams for audio devices convenient and conclusive.

The "RT-MicFX" software package is used to produce polar diagrams for microphones. Single component microphones as well as built-up form microphones can be measured. A slide mechanism is adjusted to position the microphone diaphragm exactly over the center of rotation. The desired frequencies and the angular resolution can be freely selected in the software. For loudspeakers, the "FX Speaker directivity" software is used. Here again there are a variety of settings available. A universal threaded receptacle is provided to accurately position the component under test.

Once set up, the measurement process is fully automated, with the PC software alternatively driving the turntable and the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer.

Additionally, evaluation software and code samples assist you in programming the test process in your coding language of choice.

Interested? Please contact us for more information at info@nti-audio.com

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