04. June 2019

Pori Jazz Festival in Finland measures with NTi Audio

Pori Jazz Festival in Finland measures with NTi Audio

The famous Pori Jazz Festival benefits from the attractive environment of the picturesque Kirjurinluoto park in the heart of the city of Pori, Finland. With this central location, surrounded by residential quarters, the city authorities apply rules that limit sound pollution. The local organizers remotely monitored and recorded the sound levels with the NTi Audio NoiseScout solution.

Pori Jazz is one of the pioneering music festivals in Finland. The very first Pori Jazz took place in July 1966 and it has since been held annually, offering a versatile and high-quality music program within a unique atmosphere.

Nowadays Pori Jazz is one of the most renowned and beloved summer events in Finland. For the majority of the visitors, the festival has become an experience they look forward to repeating every summer.

The 54th Pori Jazz took place between 12th and 20th July 2018. The main concerts were held at the lush Kirjurinluoto concert park where there are several stages offering memorable musical experiences from early afternoon until the wee small hours. Given the length and intensity of the event, the Pori government applies sound emission rules to guarantee an enjoyable music festival, protecting the listeners from hearing damage and ensuring that sound pollution into the neighboring residential area is limited.

The Pori authorities contracted Aku’s Factory, one of the leading PA rental system suppliers in Finland, with the sound level monitoring on stage and in the nearby residential area. After a careful evaluation, Aku’s Factory selected NTi Audio equipment as it fulfilled all requirements within a fairly tight budget. The two remote measurement stations in the residential area were equipped with weather-protected microphones and a NetBox for delivering the measurement data to the cloud. The NTi NoiseScout portal then allowed Aku’s Factory to comfortably access and monitor the measurement data from a remote office.

The advantage of using NoiseScout is that, once it is installed and configured, it does not require any attention or local access, it logs all measurement data and provides email alerts to the responsible organizer, helping them to keep the sound levels within the legal limits. The Pori authorities were given an access link allowing them to view the levels at any time during the event. “The fact that we are able to overview the levels is a great advantage as we can handle possible complaints from neighbors very efficiently”, says Arttu Tuominen, Environment Engineer of Pori.

“Setup and operation of the NoiseScout system was really easy as the Noise Monitors become instantly visible on the NoiseScout website after registration. Setting the limits requires only a few minutes, and then we have all sound data from the entire Pori Jazz festival in the cloud, ready for download and to provide reports”, comments Jari Leskinen of Aku’s Factory Ltd. 

The event was a complete success with satisfaction for all stakeholders. No doubt the Pori festival will be a great event again in 2019.


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