07. October 2019

Rapid Frequency Response Measurements with the XL2

Rapid Frequency Response Measurements with the XL2

Do you want to measure the frequency response of a speaker or audio component, and not have to wait until the lower frequencies stabilize? Then the MR-PRO and XL2 duet of instruments offers an innovative and practical solution.

The solution lies in two new MR-PRO test signals and a new, matching measurement function in the XL2. The two signals contain a 1-second and a 4-second cyclic pink noise, from which the XL2 can quickly calculate a stable measurement result in real time.

The trick lies in the design of the test signals; the pink noise has been shaped so that the frequency response is flat within 1 and 4 seconds respectively. This feature allows the XL2 Analyzer to determine an accurate frequency response of the device under test within seconds and with 1/12th octave resolution.

Typically this new function comes in handy when a rapid test of a speaker, amplifier or mixer channel is required. That is, whenever a measurement of the frequency response of a device or an electroacoustic transducer is of interest.

The only prerequisites for accessing this extremely useful application are the download of NTi Audio's "Fastpnk1" or "Fastpnk4" test signals[1], and the installation of the new "EQ1" or "EQ4" measurement functions on an XL2 Audio Analyzer. The functions are available with the XL2 Spectral Limits Option from XL2 firmware V4.30 or higher.


[1] Both test signals are protected by copyright and may only be used in conjunction with an XL2 Audio Analyzer

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