06. May 2019

STI Reporter Supports International Standards

STI Reporter Supports International Standards

The NTi Audio STI Reporter is an MS Excel tool for reporting speech intelligibility in rooms with multiple measurement points. The tool has now been further developed to include the ISO, CEN, DIN, and VDE country-specific standards.

The measurement of speech intelligibility is usually an integral part of the review of voice alarm systems. The specific requirements often vary from country to country. The NTi Audio MS Excel based, multilingual STI Reporter assesses variations and calculates the average speech intelligibility derived from several individual measurements. In addition to the existing evaluation according to the IEC 60268-16 and AS 1670.4 Standards, the STI Reporter now also supports the following standards:

  • ISO 7240-19: 2007
  • CEN / TS 54-32: 2015
  • DIN EN 50849: 2017
  • VDE V 0833-4-32: 2016

By incorporating these standards, the requirements for the minimum and average speech intelligibility are adapted to the specifications of the respective country. This considerably simplifies the evaluation and avoids errors. For special requirements, the minimum speech intelligibility level can also be set manually.

The XL2 Acoustic Analyzer with STIPA option in conjunction with the TalkBox and the free STI Reporter form an ideal measurement package for the setup and commissioning of voice alarm systems.