06. September 2016

Uncompromising Quality Control at NTi Audio

Uncompromising Quality Control at NTi Audio

NTi Audio develops and manufactures high-quality sound, audio and vibration measurement products. Every new Sound Level Meter is tested prior to shipping to ensure compliance with specification. Measurement Microphones in particular are comprehensively tested in our acoustic measurement chamber.

"Made in Switzerland" is NTi Audio's stamp of uncompromised quality. This is reflected with diligent quality management. Products are developed with focus on customer satisfaction and on benefits to the industry. Markus Frick, Production Manager at NTi Audio says, "In order to guarantee the highest quality, all instruments are assembled exclusively in-house. During the manufacturing process, our trained team verifies that the individual modules meet or surpass their respective specifications. The finished products are then calibrated according to the IEC 17025 standard."

Microphone Series Testing in Acoustic Measurement Chamber


Testing a microphone with an acoustic test signal provides a true reflection of the actual purpose of the microphone and ensures accurate free-field frequency response results. Accordingly, this attention to quality is given to every measurement microphone during testing in our in-house anechoic chamber. The frequency response of every instrument is acoustically determined. The results are required to be even within a narrower tolerance band than is prescribed in the IEC 61672 standard for sound level meters.

Reproducible Acoustic Measurements



Markus Frick proudly reports, "The anechoic acoustic measurement chamber provides us with consitently reproducible measurements. We carry out reference measurements and 100% of our series testing in-house." The acoustic measurements are performed using a professional microphone test system consisting of the FX100 Audio Analyzer and the Microphone Test Software RT-MicFx. The individual free-field frequency response is recorded and documented with a resolution of 500 points between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. These metrics are available on request to customers for all types of microphones.

High-quality Measurement Setup
In a further independent quality check, the acoustic noise floor is determined for each measurement microphone produced. For the certified Class 1 measurement microphones, intrinsic noise is typically 16 dBA. By comparison, the quiet breathing of a human being is about 25 dBA. The ability to measure such low noise levels underlines the sophisticated design of the measurement chamber and its insulation against sound and vibration from outside.





Sample Manufacturer Calibration Certificate

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