02. July 2015

XL2 at "We Love Green" Festival in Paris

XL2 at "We Love Green" Festival in Paris

30’000 visitors turned up in Paris on the weekend of the 30th and 31st May 2015 to enjoy the "We Love Green" Festival. XL2 Sound Level Meters were there monitoring the sound levels and keeping the peace in the surrounding neighborhood.

"We Love Green" is a most remarkable, eco-friendly (hence the name) festival. The organizers insist on good music at reasonable sound levels. Using three XL2 monitoring stations, the music levels were kept within acceptable limits. Combined with a varied line up and wonderful setting, this made for a special and extremely unique event. For the second consecutive year, the Paris-based audio management company Intelligence Audio, in co-operation with the Acoustique Audio Conseil AAC, located in Rennes, was asked to monitor and report on sound levels at and around the festival.

Neighborhood Noise Monitoring
A noise is considered excessive if it is likely to disturb the peace of neighbors or their health by its ‘duration, repetition or intensity’. Because noise levels often fluctuate over a wide range and over time, the LAeq (A-weighted Equivalent Level), provides a single comparable value. Other useful levels prescribed by law are the Ln values (Statistical Noise Levels) such as L90, L50 and L10. An XL2-TA Class 1 Sound Level Meter was chosen for this job. This measured the levels around the vicinity of the festival site. The XL2 is designed to easily measure all of these parameters and write the results to the internal SD-card for later analysis with the Data Explorer Software.

Live Sound Monitoring
During the festival, integrated traffic-light indication systems warned the front-of-house in real time if the XL2 was about to exceed the permitted sound level limit. Two XL2 Class 2 Sound Level Meters were chosen for this application. They measured levels at the loudest points in front of the two stages. Thanks to the k-factor offset function, it was possible to place the measurement microphones in front to the crowd barriers – out of reach of the audience, and still determine the sound level at the loudest point within the audience area. Again, the LAeq value was recorded, and a full report provided at the end of the show. Platforms were provided for the likes of "Christine & The Queens" and "Julian Casablancas & The Voidz" to show off their skills.

The XL2s made it easy to remain below the maximum permitted sound levels for the audience's enjoyment and respect of the neighbors.

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