10. June 2015

XL2 Sound Level Meter – just turn it on!

XL2 Sound Level Meter – just turn it on!
The XL2 Sound Level Meter is renowned for providing precise measurements through a simple user interface. Now it just got better. The newly-available "Locked Run" mode of operation means that the XL2 only has to be switched on for measurements to happen automatically. To further ensure continuation of sound level logging, all keys on the device are locked.

Sound level measurements are very easy to perform with the XL2. In "Locked Run" mode, data recording starts immediately after switching on and continues until the device is turned off. Also, if the power supplied to the device is interrupted during the measurement, as soon as the supply is restored, the data recording will restart automatically. Finally, with the keypad locked, measurement settings will not be inadvertently changed.

The Sound Level Meter for untrained Personnel
With the XL2, even untrained people can successfully carry out sound measurements. Before the event, the expert simply inputs the measurement parameters as desired and then activates the "Locked Run" mode. The XL2 can then be handed to a layman operator with the only instruction to press the power button. This saves time and effort and greatly increases the confidence of both the expert and the operator that the job is being done.

XL2 for Event Level Monitoring
To protect the public, staff and neighbors, the sound levels at live events, bars and clubs need to be monitored with a precision sound level meter. The staff usually has little or no expertise (nor interest) in monitoring noise - thus simple operation of what can be perceived as a highly complex device is essential. The XL2 provides this solution. It automatically starts the measurement when turned on and records the sound levels at the predefined intervals. After the end of the event, the XL2 automatically generates a test report for documentation of activities monitored. This complete measurement cycle runs with no further action required from the staff.

XL2 for unattended Noise Monitoring
Connected to an external battery or mains power supply, the XL2 is ideal for longer unattended noise monitoring tasks. "Locked Run" mode is an optimal additional feature for such tasks, reducing the risk of loss of measurement data caused by short power supply interruptions. Firstly, the internal battery bridges short power outages for up to several hours. This battery is automatically recharged once the external supply is re-established. More notably, if the power outage is longer, the measurement will automatically resume when power is again present. This provides the expert with the best support for uninterrupted data recording.

"Locked Run" mode available for free to all XL2 customers

The "Locked Run" mode is activated or deactivated by pressing and holding the start button for three seconds. All XL2 Sound Level Meters with firmware V3.03 or higher are already equipped with the "Locked Run" mode. This firmware is available to download for free by all registered XL2 customers. Automatic restart after power supply interruption is available to all devices with a serial number ending in "E0" or later.

More about the XL2 Sound Level Meter
Download XL2 Firmware V3.03 here

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