Functions of FX100 Audio Analyzer

Basic Measurement Functions

Level, Frequency and Gain

The FX100 measures selective and wideband levels in the frequency range from 5 Hz to 80 kHz. Simultaneously it measures individual frequencies and the gain of the test setup. These measurements are supported in the Meter, StepSweep and GlideSweep mode.

FX-Control Frequency Response

Distortion: THD, THD+N, Harmonics k2 - k35

The FX100 measures the Total Harmonic Distortion with/without Noise and individual harmonics k2 - k35. Any number of harmonics may be summed together and displayed as single result. These measurements are supported in the Meter, StepSweep and GlideSweep mode.

FX-Control Harmonic Distortion

Fast Multi-Channel FFT

The high-resolution FFT (=Fast Fourier Transformation) with 192 kHz sampling rate presents a detailed analysis of the audio frequency spectrum. FFT graph panels may be customized showing one or more traces simultaneously.

FX-Control FFT Fast Fourier Transformation


The FX100 measures the interchannel phase relation in the Meter, StepSweep and GlideSweep mode.

FX-Control Phase


The FX100 measures the interchannel crosstalk in the Meter and StepSweep mode.

FX-Control Crosstalk

DC Measurements

The FX100 measures DC-Level and DC-Impedance in the Meter mode.

FX-Control DC Level

FX-Control DC Impedance

PureSound Rub & Buzz

PureSound™ detects the slightest Rub&Buzz defects of speakers or transducers, such as air-leaks, uncentered coils, rubbing voice coils, loose particles and touching wires. The fastest and most reliable test results are guaranteed, even with high factory environmental noise. The typical test time is lower than one second, depending on the speaker type, frequency range and resolution. Make your business more successful by improving your product quality control and saving costs with PureSound™ Rub&Buzz testing.

FX-Control PureSound

FX-Control PureSound

Calculation Items

The “Calculation Items” of the FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer combine previously-stored data with the latest measurements. It adds a wide range of mathematical functions, e.g.

  • Basic arithmetic operations
  • Variables
  • Unit conversion
  • Smoothing or interpolation
  • Statistics
  • Boolean results

Measurement Modes


In the Meter mode, the FX100 acquires the active measurements and shows the single-value result(s) numerically or in a bargraph. The test signal parameters (generator settings) may be amended during the measurement. Ranging can be adjusted automatically or manually. The Meter mode is typically used for single-value measurements or monitoring applications.

FX-Control: SPL Level Passed

FX-Control: SPL Level Failed

FX-Control: Frequency Meter

Glide Sweep

The key advantage of GlideSweep analysis is the short test cycle time, which makes this method very attractive for high-volume production applications (e.g. frequency response measurement is down to 200ms from 20 Hz - 20 kHz). FX100 GlideSweep analysis supports the audio measurements of the following Y-axis versus X-axis parameters:

  • Y-Axis: Level, Gain, Distortion, PureSound Rub&Buzz, Phase, Crosstalk
  • X-Axis: Frequency

FX-Control: Glide-Sweep

The GlideSweep measurements are based on an impulse response analysis. Therefore, by applying a time window on the incoming signal, it is possible to mask out the unwanted acoustical reflections of a reverberant room.

FX-Control: Glide-Sweep

External Glide Sweep

The FLEXUS FX100 Audio Analyzer is capable of easy and fast measurements of smart devices that do not have an audio input, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, MP3 players, medical and household appliances. How to perform the measurement? Use the FX-Control PC software to create a proprietary glide-sweep test signal based on your chosen sweep parameters. Save this test signal to your Device Under Test (DUT) in mp3 or wav file format. Play the signal from your DUT. The FX100 will synchronize and start analyzing the GlideSweep signal. In a closed-loop setup, i.e. where an audio input channel is available, the test signal is generated by the FX100 generator while, at the same time, the FX100 analyzes the results. This can be used to characterize audio parameters of communication channels with significant signal latency, such as VoIP systems. The channel latency is available as a measurement parameter.


The key advantage of StepSweep measurements is a high signal-to-noise ratio, thus providing highly accurate test results. FX100 offers Frequency-, Amplitude-, Time- and Table-Sweeps, which may trigger with internal or external signals.

FX100 StepSweep analysis supports audio measurements of the following Y-axis versus X-axis parameters:

  • Y-Axis: Level, Gain, Distortion, Phase, Crosstalk
  • X-Axis: Frequency-, Amplitude-, Time-, Table-Sweeps (discrete sets of frequency / level pairs)

FX-Control: Amplitude Step Sweep

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