Is the XL2 a type approved sound level meter?

Yes, the XL2-TA (=XL2 with Type Approval Option) received type approval from the German PTB. The XL2-TA, together with the M2230 microphone and Shroud jacket, forms a type-approved sound level meter offering class 1 performance in accordance with IEC 61672:2014, IEC 61260:2014, ANSI S1.4:2014 and ANSI S1.11:2014 standard.

The type approved configuration consists of

  • XL2-TA Sound Level Meter
    • XL2 Analyzer with installed Type Approval Option
    • Firmware V4.21
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone consisting of
    • MA220 PreAmplifier
    • Microphone Capsule MC230 or MC230A
  • Shroud MXA01
  • NTi Audio Class 1 Sound Calibrator
  • Optional (type approved with and without)
    • Extended Acoustic Pack
    • ASD Cable, 5m, 10m, 20m
    • Mains Power Adapter
    • Wind Screen 50 mm or 90 mm
    • Weather Protection WP30
    • Input Keypad
    • Microphone Holder MH01

XL2-TA Type Approval Certificate