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Preparing for Long-Term Sound Level Measurements

Step-by-step explanation of the settings essential to prepare and log a long-term sound level measurement. Includes hints on the practical use of the XL2 and hints on available post-processing tools.

(recorded on 19 Feb. 2014)

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  • More information about the XL2 Sound Level Meter here.

Basics of Sound Level Measurements

Introduction to the essential aspects of sound level measurements. Explains terms such as Leq, frequency or time weighting, min/max level, measurement microphones, calibration etc.

(recorded on 21 Nov. 2013)

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  • More information about the XL2 Sound Level Meter here.

How to Set Meaningful Pass/Fail Tolerances

The webinar proposes a step-by-step procedure to establish a reliable and relevant audio test for simple audio devices. It focuses on the required steps to set meaningful tolerance limits, even in cases where no test specifications are available.

(recorded on 19 Sep. 2013)

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  • Website with additional information regarding FX100 audio analyzer

Introduction to Live Event Monitoring

Technical basics of sound level measurements, legal restrictions, as well as preparations and execution of live event monitoring including reporting tools.

(recorded on 28 May 2013)

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Audio Quality of Smart Devices

This webinar highlights the challenge of evaluating the Audio quality of the output of devices that have no connected input. The test signal first has to be stored on the Device Under Test (DUT) and then replayed by the DUT during the test measurement. Further, the Audio analyzer must trigger from and synchronize correctly to this incoming asynchronous signal.

(recorded on 18 April 2013)

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Speech Intelligibility

This webinar explains the measurement methods, workflow and result reporting for Speech Transmission Index for Public Address (STIPA) according to the latest standard IEC60268-16, edition 2011.

(recorded on 27 February 2013)

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