Test Solution for Room Acoustics

Test Solution Room Acoustics

The Room Acoustics Kit measures the behavior of acoustic sound in enclosed spaces, such as dwellings, class rooms, auditoriums, offices, theatres, concert halls, or transportation terminals. The kit consists of the DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker kit, the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer and the Room Acoustics Reporter software. All measurements are performed in accordance with the relevant standards.


Room acoustics describes how acoustic sound behaves in an enclosed space. Typical room acoustic measurements are:

Reverberation Time   Sound pressure level  Background noise spectrum

The acoustic response of the room should fit the primary purpose of the room. For example, for good speech intelligibility in classrooms, a reverberation time of 0.5 to 1 second based on the volume is desirable. In a concert hall designed for orchestral music, a reverberation time of 2-3 seconds may offer a rich and warm sound experience. Based on measurements, the acoustic properties of an enclosed space can be modified e.g., by adding sound absorbing materials to walls or ceilings.

Sound Source

Room acoustic measurements require a sound source with a diffuse sound field, which means that the sound energy has to be distributed uniformly. For this reason, a sound source with an omnidirectional radiation characteristic is best used for precise measurements.

DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Kit

DS3 Dodekaeder-Lautsprecher

The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker is a powerful sound source with omnidirectional radiation characteristics. It includes 12 loudspeakers of the same type, mounted to a dodecahedron-shaped chassis. The optimized frequency spectrum delivers a high level of equalized sound energy for precise Reverberation Time measurements. Additionally, it offers the reference sound source to evaluate the spatial decay rate in open plan offices.


The DS3 is powered by the portable Power Amplifier PA3, which offers a built-in Pink Noise generator with an equalized output signal. The wireless remote control allows the test signal to be switched on/off from outside of the measurement room.



The TalkBox is an acoustic signal generator. It provides a wide range of test signals like Sine, Pink Noise, White Noise, a delay test signal, and spoken announcements. It offers a balanced Line-In/Out connector and an FIR equalized speaker (level and phase).

Minirator MR-PRO


The Minirator MR-PRO generates a gated Pink Noise with a low Crest factor dedicated to Reverberation Time Measurements. In addition, the MR-PRO offers a GlideSweep signal with editable cycle time. All test signals may be replayed via the DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker kit.

XL3 Acoustic Analyzer

XL3 Acoustic Analyzer


Reverberation Time

The XL3 measures the reverberation time in octave bands from 63 Hz – 8 kHz using the standardized T20 or T30. The room may be excited using an impulse source or an interrupted pink noise. The Acoustic Analyzer averages all the recorded decays for each measurement position automatically. Additionally, installing the Extended Room Acoustics Option enables reverberation time measurement in one-third octave resolution, visualizing the decay curve, calculating the spatial average of the room and simultaneous T30/T20/T15/EDT measurement on the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer. Additional quality indicators, such as linearity and curvature, describe the decay curve in accordance with the standard ISO 3382-2. An audio file of the level decay may be recorded for more detailed analysis.

XL3 Screen Reverberation TimeXL3 Screen Reverberation TimeXL3 Screen Reverberation Time

Sound Pressure Level

The XL3 is a powerful sound level meter for comprehensive room acoustic measurements. It offers a wide range of levels, such as average Leq, maximum or minimum sound pressure level measured in combination with frequency weighting A, C or Z and time weightings fast, slow and optional impulse. All results are simultaneously available.

XL3 Screen Sound Level MeterXL3 Screen Sound Level MeterXL3 Screen Sound Level Meter

Customers may log all acquired level information onto a removable SD card. Additionally, the XL3 offers audio recording for a complete documentation of the measured sound pressure levels. Voice notes may also be added to each measurement.

Background Noise Spectrum

The noise spectrum measurement perfectly suits the sound optimization in rooms. The XL3 determines the frequency spectrum with a Class 1 filter bank in octave or one-third octave resolution between 6.3 Hz and 20 kHz. The minimum, maximum and average sound pressure levels of all frequency bands are measured in parallel. The frequency axis can be freely zoomed and scrolled to e.g. 125 Hz – 8 kHz, the typical frequency range of interest for room acoustic investigations. The summed level of the selected frequency range is shown in the spectrum view at the same time.

XL3 Screen SpectrumXL3 Screen SpectrumXL3 Screen Spectrum

Room Acoustics Reporter Software

The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer saves the acquired measurement data on its SD card. The data contains all relevant information formatted as a text file so it can be easily imported into any spreadsheet program such as MS Excel or the professional Room Acoustics Reporter software.

Room Acoustics Reporter Software

The Room Acoustics Reporter is a PC software for automatically generating reverberation time measurement reports and analyzing the noise spectrum. The software supports acousticians and experts in the visualization and detailed evaluation of measurement data recorded with the XL3 Sound Level Meter.


XL3 with M2340 Measurement Microphone


DS3 and PA3


Measurement Kit for Basic Room Acoustics

  • XL3 Acoustic Analyzer
  • Room Acoustics Reporter 365 for XL3 (annual license)
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • 1/2" Windscreen 90 mm
  • Minirator MR-PRO
  • ASD Cable 
  • Backpack

Measurement Kit for Professional Room Acoustics

  • PA3 Power Amplifier
    with built-in noise generator
  • DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker
  • Speaker Stand for DS3
  • XL3 Acoustic Analyzer
  • XL3 Room Acoustics Bundle
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • 1/2" Windscreen 90 mm
  • ASD Cable 
  • Backpack

Optional as required:


Acoustic Signal Generator

Class 1 Sound Calibrator

for microphone calibration to actual environmental conditions

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