03. May 2012

XL2 Sound Reporting Tool

Do you need to provide a comprehensive report to your client and/or your local authority, based on measurement data you have previously acquired? The XL2 sound level meter measures all the essential data and the new Sound Reporting Tools present them in a well-structured report, ready for printout or saving.

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02. May 2012

FX100: Calculation Item

Are you looking for a specific analysis method that your audio analyzer does not support? For instance, do you want to link several measurements to a combined result, or to display data in a special way?

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15. April 2012

FX100 Audio Analyzer New Impedance Test Option

The new SIH option further extends the application range by allowing measurement of the impedance response of loudspeakers or similar devices up to 1300 W. Due to the modular architecture of the FX100 Audio analyzer, the extension fits seamlessly into the hardware and software structure of the system.

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15. March 2012

XL2 New release of Projector V 2.0

NTi Audio updates the XL2 Projector software to its second generation offering new design, easier remote control plus full file access to stored files on the instrument.

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15. February 2012

XL2 Analyzer offers new Scheduling & Event Functions

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer has been extended with Scheduler and Event functions, reducing the stored data volume for long-term measurements and simplifying data post-processing. It also supports the new XL2 Projector software that provides complete remote control of, and file transfer from, the XL2 via your PC.

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01. February 2012

Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer

FX100 is a professional Audio analyzer that optimally fits both lab applications and the production floor. The flexible architecture allows for tailoring of the system exactly to the customer’s requirements, while the comprehensive functionality and high measuring speed make it the ideal choice for virtually every audio testing environment. Furthermore, full support provided by the FX-Control software suite ensures an intuitive and straightforward operation of the system.

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01. February 2012

FX100 with Fast GlideSweep

The FLEXUS FX100 audio analyzer offers a fast, yet accurate GlideSweep measurement technique. The GlideSweep, also known as Farina Sweep, continuously increases the frequency at a logarithmic rate. The duration of the sweep, and thus the test time can be chosen by the user. Test times can be as low as 100ms for certain applications, still covering the entire audio band.

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24. January 2012

XL2 Comparing Spectra

The ability to compare two frequency spectra is often required when setting up PA systems. For example, when adjusting the response of the left/right side of the main speakers or for trimming a series of monitor speakers to have a similar frequency response. Starting with firmware version 2.20, the XL2 supports this task by offering a capture memory in the Sound Level Meter.

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