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12. Apr. 2016

Directivity of Microphones in Portable Devices

Portable devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops are often used in hands-free mode for telephone calls. For the manufacturer of the device, it is important to ensure that the microphone is able to pick up the speech from all directions so that the user is well understood. With the new version of the microphone test software RT-MicFX, NTi Audio offers a simple and convenient method to determine this microphone directivity.

5. Apr. 2016

XL2 Data Explorer Software now calculates Rating Level Lr

The Data Explorer Software offers wide ranging analysis and reporting on measurement data from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The very latest Data Explorer release, version 1.50, further extends the data post-processing capabilities. Tonal and impulsive sounds can now be marked automatically and penalties applied in accordance with the ISO 1996 standard. Data Explorer also calculates the Rating Level Lr for the assessment of compliance with noise limits.

3. Mar. 2016

XL2 Reports with Certificate of Authenticity

The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer automatically saves measurement data in plain text files. With the latest free product extension to the XL2, an encoded checksum is included within the data of each measurement file. This guarantees that the measurement data is original; that the reports have not been inadvertently changed by a third party.

29. Feb. 2016

Let’s Clear Up Some Things About Distortion…

'Distortion' is an important characteristic of audio components and is often stated in the product specifications for speakers, amplifiers and other audio and acoustic devices. Unfortunately terminology is often used incorrectly or important additional information is omitted. In this article we aim to provide clarity of the concepts and measurement methods and their proper use.

21. Jan. 2016

Professional Verification of Voice Evacuation Systems

Voice evacuation systems can save lives in an emergency. The correct installation and periodic functional testing of such systems are therefore essential. The NTi Audio TalkBox and XL2 Sound Level Meter with the new extended background noise correction are instruments designed for this purpose.
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