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27. Aug. 2014

Webinar: Advanced Principles of Sound Level Measurements

Wednesday 24th September and
Thursday 25th September 2014

18. Aug. 2014

NTi Audio Supports the World Cup for Aerobatic Model Aircraft

The European Championship for radio controlled aerobatic model aircraft has been running since 1965. This year’s competition, as part of the F3A-World Cup, was held in Liechtenstein from 11th to 19th July 2014. It attracted teams from 25 countries to become the biggest F3A-event in Europe. NTi Audio supported this event by providing calibrated class 1 sound level meters.

3. Jul. 2014

Wind Farm Noise Assessment by XL2

One of the largest acoustic consulting firms in Australia, “Renzo Tonin & Associates” was engaged by the New South Wales Department of Planning & Industry to conduct wind farm noise assessments. The goal was to perform a specialist, independent acoustic compliance audit of three major wind farms located near Canberra, Australia’s capital city.

3. Jun. 2014

Loudspeaker Inspection at PA Rental Companies

A challenge for PA rental companies is to quickly and simply verify that returned loudspeakers are fully operational. Can you avoid broken loudspeakers being passed on to the next client, given a limited turn-around time?  Can you quickly and reliably identify a fault and document it?  Can you do all this while the truck is being unloaded and in a noisy environment? The answer to all of these questions is Yes.

16. May. 2014

1Live Krone uses the XL2 Sound Level Meter

The 1Live Krone music prizes are awarded annually by the German radio station 1Live. The XL2 Sound Level Meter is used to monitor the ceremony and the various concerts. The most popular German musicians, as chosen by 1Live listeners, are honored each year at the 1Live Krone event.
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