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8. Oct. 2014

XL2-TA Sound Level Meter receives Austrian Type Approval

The XL2-TA Sound Level Meter has received class 1 type-approval from the BEV (Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen) in Austria. The type approved class 1 sound level meter is therefore suitable for environmental noise, occupational health and sound insulation applications in Austria where the measurements are required to be certified.

8. Oct. 2014

FX100 - Simpler & Safer Audio Test Integration

You may now connect the FX100 Audio Analyzer to the programmable logic controller (PLC) of your assembly line or any other peripheral device via the built-in auxiliary I/O interface. With the latest firmware update the FLEXUS System has been upgraded with hooks and interfaces for the seamless integration into its controlling environment, whereby the FX100 may act as master or slave device.

29. Sep. 2014

Outdoor Noise Monitoring with XL2

A tailored solution for outdoor noise monitoring is now available for the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The new outdoor measurement microphone M2230-WP and the heavy-duty outdoor case ideally complement the XL2 system for unattended noise monitoring.

5. Sep. 2014

Comprehensive Spectral Noise Data Analysis

Data Explorer is a PC-based software application providing comprehensive analysis and reporting of noise data obtained from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The software now offers an extensive analysis of spectral noise data and the calculation of Day-Night-Levels for noise annoyance reporting.

2. Sep. 2014

Complete solution for distributed audio testing

Are you working with 70V/100V distributed audio?  Then take a look at NTi Audio’s product range. It offers fast and reliable measurement solutions for manufacturers in the lab and on the production floor, as well as solutions for installers in system commissioning and monitoring.
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