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4. May. 2015

Advanced RT60 Reverb Measurement with the XL2

The XL2 is a precise and reliable RT60 measurement instrument. In addition to the T20 calculation, the XL2 Sound Level Meter now measures reverberation time using the T30 method. This enhancement is in line with the current ISO3382 standard and is free for all XL2 customers.

28. Apr. 2015

Popular TV Programme trusts XL2 for Noise Monitoring of Wind Farms

Eco Eye, Irelands longest running and most successful environmental documentary series recently turned their attention to Wind Energy using the XL2 sound level meter and weather protected microphone to monitor noise from one of Irelands largest wind farms.

20. Apr. 2015

Octave and one-third octave band measurements with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Octave and one-third octave band representations of measurements are widely used for real-time acoustic spectral analysis (RTA) in sound level meters. Audio Analyzers, on the other hand, typically represent spectrums with high-resolution FFT's. There are also audio measurement applications where standards require octave or one-third octave band measurements. NTi Audio provides a tool to derive octave and one-third octave band results from FFT measurement results using the FX100 Audio analyzer.

8. Apr. 2015

Low Frequency Noise – the XL2 now offers a valuable Toolbox for effective Assessment

The Data Explorer PC software for the XL2 Sound Level Meter now includes a series of professional tools for detailed analysis of low-frequency noise (LFN). The graphical representation of time varying frequency components offers an efficient process for identifying the presence and level of LFN. Also the associated high quality audio recording supports further correlation with the objective measurement data.

2. Apr. 2015

Easy testing of Class-D Amplifiers

Class-D (or switching) amplifiers are popular, not only because of their light weight, but mainly because they are highly efficient, with less power distributed as heat. Their audio parameters, however, can be difficult to measure because of high-frequency noise produced at the output stage. NTi Audio solves this by filtering out these unwanted noise components with the FX100 Audio Analyzer plug-in module filter, providing reliable test measurement of class-D amplifiers.

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