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28. Sep. 2015

Parallel Measurement of Air-borne and Structure-borne Noise

With quality control or long-term monitoring of devices, machines, vehicles, etc. often several vibration and acoustic measurements are required in parallel. The FX100 Audio Analyzer is the ideal platform to quickly and easily set up such measurement systems.

16. Sep. 2015

Reliable Noise and Vibration Measurements in one Device

Machinery design engineers have to consider both structure-born and air-borne energy emission. The XL2 Analyzer is a single handheld tool that reliably measures both vibration and acoustic noise, providing you all the necessary information you need to optimize the design of your machines with uncompromised Swiss Quality.

14. Sep. 2015

Successful Customer Workshop in Suzhou

Suzhou China: On August 26th, NTI China arranged a workshop in Suzhou for its local customers. Around 25 audio and acoustic engineers attended to learn about the latest product news from NTi Audio. Being in a close cooperation with its customers is a strong part in NTi Audio’s customer support policy. Gregor Schmidle, Product Manager at NTi Audio, Liechtenstein and his colleagues Jack Xu and Ention Xian from NTI China moderated this year’s workshop which was split into two parts.

7. Sep. 2015

Advanced Noise Analysis with XL2 Data Explorer Software

The XL2 Data Explorer PC software is designed to quickly analyze and report on large measurement datasets. This is particularly useful, for example, when applied to a long-term sound level measurement contract. Version 1.40 of this software package provides a few new tools you may find very useful indeed; the software now allows you to define or change the audit interval after the measurement and will recalculate the equivalent values.

25. Aug. 2015

That air conditioner noise is annoying!

The sound of the HVAC System in your office or factory may be annoying depending on who you ask; the person who has to live with it, or the person who has to pay for it. To measure background noise levels objectively, we use Noise Curves.
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