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2. Jul. 2015

Workshops at PALM EXPO in Beijing

20 August 2015, PALM EXPO Beijing , Room 208

25. Jun. 2015

Webinar: Sound Level Measurements in an Industrial Environment

Wednesday 15th July and
Thursday 16th July 2015

18. Jun. 2015

XL2 Analyzers at Ningxia University

Students from the Architecture and Physics college of Ningxia University attended the audio and acoustic measurement devices seminar presented by NTi Audio. The seminar provided practical hands-on training for professional sound measurements.

10. Jun. 2015

XL2 Sound Level Meter – just turn it on!

The XL2 Sound Level Meter is renowned for providing precise measurements through a simple user interface. Now it just got better. The newly-available "Locked Run" mode of operation means that the XL2 only has to be switched on for measurements to happen automatically. To further ensure continuation of sound level logging, all keys on the device are locked.

2. Jun. 2015

Loudspeaker Testing - Simple & Reliable like never before

Testing your loudspeakers, transducers or subassemblies has never been easier. Just connect your device under test (DUT) directly to your FX100 Audio Analyzer and begin measuring. No more hassle with external amplifiers, cable dangle or measuring errors due to uncalibrated gain. The new integrated FX-SIP module with its powerful amplifier offers unrivalled performance, reliability and ease-of-use.
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