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25. Feb. 2015

STIPA celebrates its 10th birthday at NTi Audio

Happy Birthday STIPA!

It has been 10 years since NTi Audio introduced STIPA for Speech Intelligibility measurements to their handheld instruments. In this time it has grown to become the accepted industry standard, and the NTi Audio Solution has become the most-used STIPA system in the world. As STIPA now enters its second decade, let us reflect on the early years and how the process evolved through active interaction with international standards committees.

23. Feb. 2015

Free Wave File Converter Software for MR-PRO, DR2 and TalkBox

NTi Audio has just released the Wave File Converter, a free PC software that allows you to create your own files for playback through NTi Audio signal generators. Use it to convert your choice of wav files for the Minirator MR-PRO, DR2 or the TalkBox.

17. Feb. 2015

Webinar: Reverberation Time Measurements (RT60) with the XL2 Analyzer

Wednesday 11th March and
Thursday 12th March 2015

3. Feb. 2015

Certified Measurement Accuracy through regular Calibrations

NTi Audio will calibrate your instrument and provide you a Manufacturer’s Calibration Certificate. This traceable, dated certificate verifies and documents the measurement accuracy of your instrument.

2. Feb. 2015

Prestigious Fireworks Producer puts their Trust in the XL2

Bugano is the leading Swiss producer of large fireworks. Dedicated to safety, they rely on the NTi Audio XL2 Sound Level Meter as part of their essential quality control. Uncompromising and with commitment and fire in their heart, they engage the world trade for major fireworks.
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